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Power supply and Surge Protection solutions just for Zimbabwe!

Electrotronics offers a wide selection of premium power supply and surge protection solutions, both through our product offering and installation services for households, industrial companies and ordinary businesses in Zimbabwe. Browse through our wide selection of power supply and surge protection products on our website. Uninterrupted Power supply. Decide what you need and let’s talk!

Power Supply And Surge Protection For Homes

We provide a premium selection of electrical products and installation services to help you keep your sanity when the power goes out at home! Also protect all your expensive electronic equipment safe from continuous power surges!

Power Supply And Surge Protection For Businesses

Don’t let your business come to a standstill when the power goes out! Our products and installation services will keep your business going 24/7 and will keep your businesses electronic equipment safe from power surges!

Power Supply And Surge Protection For Industrial Businesses

Keep your expensive manufacturing machinery and equipment going when power cuts strike. More importantly, stop your machinery and expensive factory equipment from burning out due to an unstable power supply!

Product Supply and Installation

We won’t just provide you with the products you need to keep the power on and your equipment safe and leave you guessing what to do with it. Since 1979, we have been providing full installation support and after service maintenance!

Power Supply and Surge Protection Done Right

We have been in the Zimbabwean Domestic and Industrial Industry for over 30 years. We know electrics, so go with a tried and tested solution for the unique Zimbabwean electrical market!

Power Suppy And Surge Protection Product Showcase

Automatic Voltage Regulators

An automatic voltage regulator (AVR) is a device that regulates electrical voltage automatically, thus, it takes a fluctuating voltage level and turn it into a constant voltage level. Our household AVRs can be used to protect you expensive refrigerators, computers, televisions from blowing when your power supply fluctuates. We also supply heavy duty AVRs for businesses and industrial companies looking to protect any expensive equipment from voltage fluctuations.


An Inverter is an electronic device that changes direct current(DC) to an alternating current(AC) thus allowing you to continue operating any essential electronic devices when the power goes out. You can run your TV’s, Computer’s, Hifi’s and other sensitive household or office electronic equipment using the Inverters we supply.


Solar Power Systems and Products

Our Solar Power Systems and products are perfect for any home / business owners looking for alternative / cheaper sources of power supply. We offer installation plans for our Solar systems and products and can offer expert advice on what solar solutions are best for your unique circumstances.


Battery Chargers

Our selection of fully automatic battery chargers are perfect for charging any of your lead acid deep cycle batteries.


Electrical Transformer 110 to 220 volts (step up or down) for American, Japanese & other appliances. Complete in box with 13 amp plug top & output 13 amp socket ready to use and complete in housing.



Our selection of fully automatic battery chargers are perfect for charging any of your lead acid deep cycle batteries.


Current and Voltage Data Loggers

Voltage problems, paying too much for electricity? Get your installation checked, monitored & recorded.

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