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IREM Italian Automatic Voltage Regulators – Zimbabwe And Africa

ElectroTronics Pvt Ltd are official distributors of IREM Italian top quality Automatic Voltage Regulators. IREM voltage regulators are designed and manufactured to operate indefinitely under the worst conditions declared by the manufacturer. These machines are continuous use rated for the full 100% rating given even at the lowest/highest quoted voltages up to ambient temperature of 40˚C.

IREM AVR’s can supply from each phase independently of the other 2 at 100% imbalance load on both input & output voltage as well as current. To reduce delivery times from oversees we hold some stock at our Harare factory.

IREM Automatic Voltage Regulator Brochure - Electrotronics

CLICK HERE to open up the IREM Automatic Voltage Regulator brochure

IREM AVR’s in the Electrotronics Harare Factory

1,800Kva during installation – 1

1,800Kva during installation – 2

1,800Kva during installation – 3