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  Inverter Product Range for Zimbabwe

An Inverter is an electronic device that changes direct current(DC) to an alternating current(AC) thus allowing you to continue operating any essential electronic devices when the power goes out. You can run your TV’s, Computer’s, Hifi’s and other sensitive household or office electronic equipment using the Inverters we supply. Listed below is our Inverter Product range.

Our Latest Inverter Arrivals

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Inverters – full LCD displays

Recommended Use
Technical Specs
Inverter1 Specs

Inverters – regular displays


Recommended Use
Technical Specs
Inverter2 Specs

Inverter – Camping/hunting (no charger)

Recommended Use
Modified Sine Wave Series Inverters for fishing, camping, DIY.

Can connect direct onto car/boat, aircraft battery or cigarette lighter socket

Technical Specs
Input voltage 12VDC, Output voltage AC 220-240V 50Hz

500 watt with BS 13 amp socket & battery connection cables

No of
Min. 100ah
12 volts
500 watt