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Current and Voltage Data Logger


Voltage problems, paying too much for electricity? Get your installation checked, monitored & recorded. Parameters that can be simultaneously monitored in real-time & recorded are :- For Mains – 1, 2 & 3-phase voltages & currents, power & energy (Kva/r/h & Kw/h), power factor, frequency, Harmonic analysis up to the 50th order etc. 

For DC systems, inverters, UPS’s, batteries etc – record charge/discharge voltage & currents on inverter/UPS systems & batteries. Give back up times & show up problems. Having problems with battery warranty? – Logging will confirm state of batteries. Recordings can be recorded every second, from 1 day to over a month.

Current and Voltage Data Logger Products

15 Kva Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) single phase

Recommended Use

Monitoring allows you to:-

  1. Control your electricity consumption,
  2. Manage your energy spending
  3. Find areas where energy is being wasted & paid for
  4. Recordings   are time & date stamped. This makes it very simple to measure the gains achieved by comparing the recordings before and after modifying the installation.
  5. 2 separate loggers can be installed so that logging info for comparative, problem solving & analysis is based on the same time/date
  6. Most electricity users are totally unaware of just how much unnecessary energy they are using that could result in very large savings
  7. Software generates printed reports. Users can act quickly see the cause of over consumption.
  8. Take action to save your electricity bill, in some cases, by over 60% all round
  9. Advice given on where energy could be saved
  10. Single largest saving for large consumers is the calculation of power factor correction which can result in electricity cost savings of, in some cases, over 30% resulting in quick pay back for amounts spent as well as capital expenditure on power factor correction equipment/cost of monitoring.
Problems caused by poor power quality
  • Production losses
  • Switchboard overheating and failure
  • Motor failures
  • Electrical or electronic equipment failure
  • Power factor penalties resulting in unnecessary electricity bills
  • Overheated transformers, switchgear or cabling
  • Circuit breakers tripping
  • Lights that dim or flicker
  • Computer screens that flicker
  • Variable speed drives that trip off-line
  • Our power quality investigations can include a review of the power distribution equipment, typical loads, maximum demand, inefficient operation of equipment, facility wiring and grounding systems, investigations of ways to reduce the electricity bill and review of possible sources that can compromise power quality.
  • ElectroTronics power quality investigations will determine the source of problems you may be having in your facility and recommend the right solution.
  • We use modern power quality monitoring instruments to record all parameters of the supply voltage and current, to pinpoint any power quality problem.
  • We provide detailed reports with graphical and tabulated results, as well as recommendations to solve power quality issues on site or to improve the site’s power quality.
Technical Specs

Data Logger, current sensors 1 to 20,000 amps AC & DC. Click Image below to maximize the specs:-

Current and Voltage Data Logger Specs1